Menopause and weight gain

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  Scientific  studies  over 7 years  extending from pre – menopause to  4  years  post  menopause  confirm the  tendency to modest  weight gain in association with   hormonal  changes..  Subsequent trials  have demonstrated  that   modest  lifestyle  intervention can   contain  or   reduce the  weight gain to a minimum  over  5  year trials post onset of menopause. This could be achieved by maintaining a diet of 1300 kcal/day and an increase in energy expenditure 1000-1500 kcal/week more than their usual energy expenditure. Diets with an emphasis on increased protein and   lower carbohydrate and fats were useful. Women who were already overweight prior more


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A common  recessively inherited   blood disorder resulting  in excess  iron in the  body due to increased  absorbtion from the  intestine. An incidence of about  1 in 200. May be  manifested   by the  following  symptoms – Fatigue and lethargy Cirrhosis of liver Liver cancer Arthritis Skin pigmentation Cardiomyopathy Testicular failure Diabetes mellitus Diagnosis  is usually  by a  combination of  blood film  , iron studies and  gene testing. Treatment  is  usually by venesection  - draining  off  excess blood  

Eye Testing

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Eye testing All patients over  40  should be screened for  glaucoma  every  2 years  by an optometrist or  ophthalmologist.  Glaucoma is the  insidious painless   rise in internal eye pressure  that may lead to permanent  loss of  vision if  untreated. All diabetics  should  have  regular 1-2 yearly  eye testing, to avoid having diabetic   retinopathy a treatable condition which may lead to  loss of vision . All  circumstances  with all or part   loss  of vision  suddenly  in one or both  eyes  should be reviewed to exclude  diseases that  may  lead to  permanent   loss or impairment of  vision Also sudden onset of more


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1 in 6 couples have difficulty in achieving  pregnancy within 12 months. Factors  involved alcohol intake , smoking , weight   extremes  underweight or obese , diet ,  exercise extremes under or over  , drug usage  - recreational or  body building or  increased female  age. Medical fertility  investigations subsequently investigate ovulatory dysfunction , abnormal  semen, genito urinary  anatomical abnormality or  dysfunction

Cervical cancer – pap – HPV papilloma virus screening

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Cervical Cancer Screening In 2013-2014  3 .8 million  women  in the eligible  20-69 yo age group had a pap smear  within the  recommended  regular 2 year  period for  standard Pap smears which was only 57% of the  eligible age group. Despite HPV   vaccination  pap smears  are  still required  to ensure  early diagnosis  of this  highly treatable disease.   Pap smears will be  replaced  by  Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) testing  of the  cervix which is still done  in the  usual way  from  Dec 2017. Routine Screening will then  occur every 5 years if the  test  has been negative and  commence at more