Cervical cancer – pap – HPV papilloma virus screening

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Cervical Cancer Screening In 2013-2014  3 .8 million  women  in the eligible  20-69 yo age group had a pap smear  within the  recommended  regular 2 year  period for  standard Pap smears which was only 57% of the  eligible age group. Despite HPV   vaccination  pap smears  are  still required  to ensure  early diagnosis  of this  highly treatable disease.   Pap smears will be  replaced  by  Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) testing  of the  cervix which is still done  in the  usual way  from  Dec 2017. Routine Screening will then  occur every 5 years if the  test  has been negative and  commence at ...read more

Skin Tears in the Elderly

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Skin tears  in the  elderly Inappropriate treatment  or untreated  tears in the elderly lead  to skin ulcers Prevention is better than cure. Maintain adequate nutrition     and hydration Use moisturizer  twice a day Wear long sleeves and slacks Use gloves to protect skin   from the job or the tools Remember hats and  glasses  to protect  eyes and scalp Review the  work site  for  falls risk or tight  spaces Remember  common  skin tears occur  from  pets, self closing  doors , sharp cupboards, tow bars,  corners of  car  doors in tight  car parks, wheel chairs  and  walker frames.   First Aid for  flap...read more

Shingles immunisation

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Shingles Prevention Zostavax is now available as a cost free PBS vaccination for 70—79 yo for the prevention of shingles and reduction of the subsequent complication of painful post herpetic neuralgia following shingles. It is available to any 70-79 yo who is not suffering any immune compromise or been previously vaccinated for chickenpox. It is given regardless of previous chicken pox exposure , illness although previous shingles must be more than 12 months ago. It is beneficial to approximately 2 out of 3 who are vaccinated — for around 5 years

Travel tips & Advice

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If you have a chronic disease / illness or carrying medication obtain a doctor’s letter or summary to assist any doctor you may need to consult on your travels or as an explanation for customs officials or police. See your GP for travel and immunization advice at least 6 weeks prior to departure Treat wounds , bites or scratches promptly with an agent like betadine or topical antibiotic ointment to reduce the risk of tropical ulcers. Carry spare spectacles / contact lenses or hearing aids and batteries if used regularly • Carry sunscreen , inset repellant ? anti-malarials • Hat...read more

Doctors at Berwick Medical Centre

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Dr. Colin Duncan has  announced  his  intention to retire from general practice December 2016. It is 16 years since he left  rural Euroa to join our semi rural practice.  We wish him well in retirement and his  increasing  responsibilities as a grandfather. Dr. Vivian D’Souza is  welcomed  to our  practice.  He    has  worked as  a  rural GP and  apart from family medicine has  special interests in children and skin diseases.