CMV infection

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Cytomegalovirus is the  most  common  congenital  infection and a significant  cause of  disability in  Australia. It  causes hearing , vision problems, cerebral palsy , epilepsy and developmental delay affecting  400 infants a year. Infection is spread by saliva or urine. Washing  hands or  utensils and  toys for 15 seconds (soap and water) and  drying them is sufficient  to prevent spread.

 Fibre in the diet

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Dietary fibre   helps   regular bowel actions and reduces constipation and also helps with sugar control for diabetic and pre-diabetics.  Dietary fibre requirements vary between 25 -  40 grams per day for most adults and about half that for primary school children. Around 30 gms per day would be a good starting point. Effectiveness should be judged by outcome generally a daily formed   bowel action of toothpaste like consistency and homogenous texture.  Dietary Fibre is not very effective without adequate water based fluid intake at nuts appropriate 5 serves vegetables (serve = ½ cup) 4 serves grains - preferably whole more

Alcohol and dementia

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  Recently in the  Lancet Public Health a retrospective study of 31 million adults revealed 1.1 million diagnosed with dementia and  57,000 had early onset dementia ( under  65 yo ) and  around  half  of these were  alcohol related. Consider that  reduction of alcohol consumption may be  the strongest  modifiable risk factor and for men and women the recommendation is  for no more than  2 standard drinks a day,  and  2 alcohol free days are desirable   Furthermore drinking  4 alcoholic drinks on one occasion  more than doubles the risk of  illness or  injury in the  subsequent  6 hours.


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  The average total  sleep time /night  is 8 hrs at aged 15 ; 6.8hrs at aged 40 ; 6.3 hrs at aged 60 and    5.8 hrs at aged  80. There  is great  variability  in  sleep  times  between  individuals with diurnal rhythm and other times  of sleep ( afternoon Nana Naps “ contributing to  reduced  night time  sleep. Contributors to  poor  night time  sleep  are anxiety / depression , irregular  routines around  bed time , irregular daily  activities  like  shift  work. The  following sleep  hygiene routines  will  often  improve sleep patterns .: Consistent sleep schedule – retire and arise more

Public Toilet Map

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A free app for  smart phones developed by the  Department of  Health called the National Public Toilet  Map is now  available for  those  who are  challenged by continence or frequency issues. It  shows a local are  map highlights the nearest public toilets  and their hours of opening – wheel chair access , change  table availability , availability of  a shower, and discharge  points  for  caravans. Additionally  walking  or car distance  is also  indicated.