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“ use  it  or lose it  “  is  a useful adage  to remember  for  osteoarthritis  especially of weight  bearing  joints. Weight  reduction of   5% in  20  weeks  is a  worthwhile  goal to aspire  to with  real benefits remembering that for every 1 kgm  weight loss  there is a 4kgm reduction in pressure  on the major  weight  bearing  joints of the leg  like the knee. Regular Exercise   reduces  pain and maintains or  improves  joint function. Balance training  reduces   the  likelihood  of falls  and  enhances  joint movement. Active  aerobic  exercise  should be  done  for   30 mins / day – most  days at...read more

Weight  Loss , Bariatric surgery and Exercise

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Lifestyle  modification   is the  mainstay of  treatment of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and generally achieves around   5% weight loss and  should be maintained  for at least 2 years preferably 3 years to be considered sustained and permanent. It  is  best  if this weight loss is  apparent in a  reduction in waist  circumference  - less than 94 cm for  men and 80 cm for women  or  waist / hip ratio that is sustained. These  measurements reflect  the  fat load on central blood vessels. Three  forms of bariatric    weight  reduction surgery are available in Australia. Laparascopic   gastric  band, gastric sleeve  and   gastric...read more

Pap Smear changes  from December 2017

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Previous  pap smear testing which was based  on looking  for  abnormal cervical cells derived  by  smear  test taken intravaginally has been replaced with routine  HPV ( human papilloma virus ) screening  combined with  liquid  based screening  of  cervical cells derived by intravaginal brush sampling where  indicated. Routine  testing  is recommended from age  25-74 at  5  yearly intervals if there is  no indication  for more  frequent  testing  such as  a previous abnormality or  recall. The  screening  is now  based  on testing for the presence  of high risk  HPV viral types which has been researched to be  a more sensitive test. If...read more

Benefits of Continuity of Care

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A 2017  UK  study showed that  with high levels of continuity of care  resulted in 12.49% fewer  hospital admissions and in Holland  low levels of continuity of care was associated with increased  mortality. Traditionally high levels of continuity of care have  usually been with  a particular GP but similar  benefits at  lesser level  seem to be associated with the same group of practitioners in the same practice possibly due to shared long term  records.


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More  common in  patients  older then  60 yo presenting with nausea  malaise , headache  confusion   gait  disturbance progressing to seizure and  eterioration of  conscious  state. May  be associated  with  vomiting  , diarrhea kidney  disease  ,   diuretic   use/ abuse pituitary disease , medication  side effect   Inappropriate  fluid intake.   Treatment  initially is by  fluid restriction and  salt  supplementation after  review  of  medication.