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  The average total  sleep time /night  is 8 hrs at aged 15 ; 6.8hrs at aged 40 ; 6.3 hrs at aged 60 and    5.8 hrs at aged  80. There  is great  variability  in  sleep  times  between  individuals with diurnal rhythm and other times  of sleep ( afternoon Nana Naps “ contributing to  reduced  night time  sleep. Contributors to  poor  night time  sleep  are anxiety / depression , irregular  routines around  bed time , irregular daily  activities  like  shift  work. The  following sleep  hygiene routines  will  often  improve sleep patterns .: Consistent sleep schedule – retire and arise more

Public Toilet Map

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A free app for  smart phones developed by the  Department of  Health called the National Public Toilet  Map is now  available for  those  who are  challenged by continence or frequency issues. It  shows a local are  map highlights the nearest public toilets  and their hours of opening – wheel chair access , change  table availability , availability of  a shower, and discharge  points  for  caravans. Additionally  walking  or car distance  is also  indicated.

Baby nutrition

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  Baby nutrition Breast  feed  for  6 months  if  possible up to  12 months  if  possible Baby benefits  from nutrition and  antibodies. Commercial   infant  formula is an appropriate   alternative  if  breast feeding is not possible  or  supplementation  is  required .    Breast  feeding  is associated  with  reduced  risk  of  breast cancer  , ovarian cancer  and type 2 diabetes.    Baby nutrition – introducing  solids After   4 months and closer to  6 months start with iron rich foods   whilst  still breast feeding . All infants  should be  introduced to  potentially allergen – including  peanut  butter, fully cooked egg, dairy and  wheat more

Hearing Loss

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Hearing Impairment  affects   40% of people  over  55  years of age. All acute  hearing loss should  be  medically reviewed  especially if  associated  with  pain . Insidious  progressive  hearing  loss  may be  related  to environment   noise  damage  ,  medication  side effects, chemical exposure -solvents , dyes or  poisons ; or  inherited characteristics. Discussion with  your GP,  simple  clinical tests  and  subsequent pure tone  audiometry are the  initial steps  in evaluating    hearing loss and determining  treatment. Hearing aids for sensorineuronal   presbycusis  (age  related hearing loss) and  occupational hearing loss are a common solution  and  for some consideration of  cochlear  implant . Cumulative more

Oral contraception and Cancer Risk

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The  USA NIH -AARP Diet & Health study of  100,000 women  aged 50-71 conducted over  15  years revealed   negligible  increase in cancer for  user  of the OC with  no differences  in the obese , smokers or  those  with both risk factors. This  study  supports the  same  finding in  other studies  conducted  over the past  30 years .