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Evidence Based Exercise

Australian obesity is  amongst the highest in the world with  1 in 4 adults being obese. Resulting  in Increased   risk of  coronary disease , diabetes mellitus and  stroke. Sustained dietary change  has been proven to  improve the risk  and  reduce  weight. Exercise  is an important  additional simple  strategy of  proven benefit. 40%  of Australian males  and 60% of Australian  females do   exercise  sufficiently. Continuous  moderate aerobic   exercise programs like  35 minutes  walking daily are of proven benefit.

High intensity  interval  training  exercise of   30 seconds to a  few minutes separated by  1-5 minutes of low or no  intensity exercise , each cycle being repeated 4-6 times per session doing   3 sessions weekly  is demonstrated to be comparable or better  and associated with better  patient compliance . An example of maximal effort is cycling at  a maximal rate  utilizing  oxygen at greater than   90% of maximal capacity. Café mist be taken that  ll other  body systems are capable of  coping with the stress of such maximal effort consult  your  doctor or professional trainer before considering such an approach.

Reducing the Risk of Dementia

Well regulated  Blood pressure , Low   lipid levels  ( Cholesterol and Triglycerides ) normal blood  sugars, normal  weight  contained alcohol  consumption , no smoking, improves  cognitive  function or at  least  slows the progression of dementia.

There  is evidence that regular  exercise and social  interaction as well as cognitive training like Sudoku  and crosswords improve cognitive function both for those  with early dementia and those without.

Falls Prevention in Older Adults

40% of   adults  in their 70’s experience a fall within  a  12 month period and  these  may be associated  with  significant  injury like  hip fractures and head  injury which ae  associated with  significant  life risk.

Strategies  that reduce  the  risk are optimized  treatment of  medical conditions  by  regular  attendance and review of  chronic illness requiring  regular  medication including  hypertension, heart disease,  previous stroke,  lung disease,   osteoporosis, diabetes, thyroid disease   and cancers. Optimised  eye sight  by regular  ophthalmic  review. Reduced  sedative and alcohol consumption  Adequate  vitamin D intake

Preventive  strategies include  uncluttered domestic  environment   especially walkways, no loose floor coverings, regular  exercise  like tai chi , home modifications  that assist  daily activity eg  rails  ramps shower  chairs etc.