Sleep apnoea

Posted on September 17, 2019 by admin
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Found  in  6-17% of the  adult population and associated with symptoms of fatigue and sleep that is not refreshing, poor  concentration  low  or depressive mood. Other  presentations may be altered driving  behaviour , cognitive  deterioration ,  and  non breathing periods  during sleep.

Often associated factor  are airway obstruction , obesity  difficult  to  control hypertension, fatigue,   poor  motivation or depression.


Investigation includes clinical history , screening  questionnaire, appropriate  physical  examination,   and sleep studies by polysomnogram which may  be done  in certain case  by home  telemetry or formal laboratory  hospital based sleeps studies.

Treatment is by correction of underlying   physical  factors  and    the  use of  C-pap  positive  pressure devices  occasionally dental splinting   and  corrective  ENT  surgery may be  appropriate.