Weight  Loss , Bariatric surgery and Exercise

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Lifestyle  modification   is the  mainstay of  treatment of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and generally achieves around   5% weight loss and  should be maintained  for at least 2 years preferably 3 years to be considered sustained and permanent. It  is  best  if this weight loss is  apparent in a  reduction in waist  circumference  – less than 94 cm for  men and 80 cm for women  or  waist / hip ratio that is sustained. These  measurements reflect  the  fat load on central blood vessels.

Three  forms of bariatric    weight  reduction surgery are available in Australia.

Laparascopic   gastric  band, gastric sleeve  and   gastric bypass.

Strengthening exercises should be done at least  3 x /week involving  core strength exercise , quadriceps, hamstrings  hip abductors and calf muscles. Therabands  or light weights are  useful. Exercises to consider – standing leg  side  raises; sit to stand from chair ; calf raises; step up and down , side steps both directions; straight leg  raises lying /seated and  knee  straightening when seated.

Falls risk can be  reduced by doing flexibility balance exercises at  least  3 x/week for  at least the knee  and hip as well as the  back involving  stretches  and  rotations for  15-30 seconds  repeated  3-4 times  at least  3 x/week.  Quadriceps ,  hamstrings , hip flexors and abductor stretches


Water  based  exercise 2  x  /week for  30 mins  is a valuable  addition because  of  constant resistance, the  soothing  effect on  joints, the  improvement  Water aerobic  or  exercise  classes are a useful  adjunct. Consider  walking in  above  waist  height  water  , swimming ,  bicycling    action , star   jumps  and  lunges.


Ask  your  doctor , physiotherapist  or   trainer  for advice.