Pap Smear changes  from December 2017

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Previous  pap smear testing which was based  on looking  for  abnormal cervical cells derived  by  smear  test taken intravaginally has been replaced with routine  HPV ( human papilloma virus ) screening  combined with  liquid  based screening  of  cervical cells derived by intravaginal brush sampling where  indicated.

Routine  testing  is recommended from age  25-74 at  5  yearly intervals if there is  no indication  for more  frequent  testing  such as  a previous abnormality or  recall.

The  screening  is now  based  on testing for the presence  of high risk  HPV viral types which has been researched to be  a more sensitive test. If the  virus is detected cytology screening  is then done  on the cells  from the cervix that  have  been obtained at the same time from   the same sample-   looking for  abnormal cells.

Results are  in  3  categories

Low  risk  – HPV test is  negative   repeat  in 5 years

Intermediate risk -HPV test is positive repeat  test  in  12 months

High Risk – HPV  test is  +ve for  high risk  oncogene HPV types and/or                    cytology is abnormal suggesting  the presence  of  high grade cervical changes – follow up cytology by a gynaecologist  is recommended

Testing can now be  more focused  by  requesting the  cervical  screening  test  .

In the  format of

Cervical screening  Routine

Cervical screening – co test symptomatic

Cervical screening – follow up of previous abnormality

Cervical screening – co test Test  of cure  (  after  previous treatment)

Cervical screening – previous AIS ( previous carcinoma in situ )

Cytology only