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The average total  sleep time /night  is 8 hrs at aged 15 ; 6.8hrs at aged 40 ; 6.3 hrs at aged 60 and    5.8 hrs at aged  80.

There  is great  variability  in  sleep  times  between  individuals with diurnal rhythm and other times  of sleep ( afternoon Nana Naps “ contributing to  reduced  night time  sleep. Contributors to  poor  night time  sleep  are anxiety / depression , irregular  routines around  bed time , irregular daily  activities  like  shift  work.

The  following sleep  hygiene routines  will  often  improve sleep patterns .:

  • Consistent sleep schedule – retire and arise at the same time each day
  • Avoid caffeine, cigarettes , stimulants and alcohol after the  evening meal
  • Engage in light  exercise but  not  in the  2 hours  before  bed
  • Avoid day time naps  after   3 pm  and   no longer than   30 minutes if  your  afternoon sleep is  regularly longer than  this  speak to your  GP  – other  factors like  anemia,  thyroid  disease, sleep apnoea might need to be  considered
  • Avoid large snacks and limit  fluid  intake  after   the evening meal – consider oesophageal  reflux  as  a possible cause of night time sleep disturbance
  • Keep the bedroom quiet  with subdued lighting at a comfortable temperature
  • Only undertake quiet relaxing activities  in the hour before  bed and have  a  regular  bedtime routine  for the  half hour  before  bed
  • Only go to bed when feeling sleepy
  • Only use your  bed  for  sleep  not  as  your  office   , couch or social media forum
  • Avoid watching TV, playing  video games or   texting  in bed as the  rapid screen movement of  LCD /LED /CRT is  brain stimulating as are  fluorescent lights
  • Use relaxation techniques if you have  trouble  switching off from the day’s activities – visualize  soothing  images, perform  gentle  slow stretches in bed. If  you are  subject to arthritis pains utilize  simple  techniques to  minimize these before retiring – warm bath or shower , heat  packs , massage  before  bed.