Dry Mouth

Posted on August 3, 2017 by admin
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Dry mouth may present  as  mucous  surface  discomfort in the mouth  , burning sensation or pain on the lips  or mouth, “ bad “ taste , halitosis, denture discomfort and  eating  discomfort.

Sufferers may have  a higher  risk of dental caries , dental erosion oral infection and  loss of teeth. Causes can be  medication side effects form including  some  prescription medications, anti- cholinergics , antihistamines and  sedatives . Age , diabetes  and  underlying auto immune  diseases may also be a cause of dry mouth.


Treatment is  to review for  underlying  dental disease , illness and  medication side effects. Adequate  hydration.. Regular  and  frequent  oral  hygiene  including  brushing  /flossing / interdental brushing.

Encourage   sugar free  chewing (eg  chewing gum)  between meals , artificial saliva lubricants.