Eye Testing

Posted on May 8, 2017 by admin
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Eye testing

All patients over  40  should be screened for  glaucoma  every  2 years  by an optometrist or  ophthalmologist.  Glaucoma is the  insidious painless   rise in internal eye pressure  that may lead to permanent  loss of  vision if  untreated.

All diabetics  should  have  regular 1-2 yearly  eye testing, to avoid having diabetic   retinopathy a treatable condition which may lead to  loss of vision .

All  circumstances  with all or part   loss  of vision  suddenly  in one or both  eyes  should be reviewed to exclude  diseases that  may  lead to  permanent   loss or impairment of  vision Also sudden onset of  flashing lights like lightning or a  camera flash,or single black or red spots as  these  may be associated with a retinal tear, vitreous haemorrhage or retinal vascular   occlusion.