Cervical cancer – pap – HPV papilloma virus screening

Posted on March 19, 2017 by admin
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Cervical Cancer Screening

In 2013-2014  3 .8 million  women  in the eligible  20-69 yo age group had a pap smear  within the  recommended  regular 2 year  period for  standard Pap smears which was only 57% of the  eligible age group. Despite HPV   vaccination  pap smears  are  still required  to ensure  early diagnosis  of this  highly treatable disease.


Pap smears will be  replaced  by  Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) testing  of the  cervix which is still done  in the  usual way  from  Dec 2017. Routine Screening will then  occur every 5 years if the  test  has been negative and  commence at  age 25  for those who have had  Gardasil  immunization,  all others  will still have  standard  pap , Thin Prep  smears from  18 yo when appropriate  at 2 year intervals until  HPV testing has commenced