Skin Tears in the Elderly

Posted on February 9, 2017 by admin
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Skin tears  in the  elderly

Inappropriate treatment  or untreated  tears in the elderly lead  to skin ulcers

Prevention is better than cure.

  • Maintain adequate nutrition     and hydration
  • Use moisturizer  twice a day
  • Wear long sleeves and slacks
  • Use gloves to protect skin   from the job or the tools
  • Remember hats and  glasses  to protect  eyes and scalp
  • Review the  work site  for  falls risk or tight  spaces

Remember  common  skin tears occur  from  pets, self closing  doors , sharp cupboards, tow bars,  corners of  car  doors in tight  car parks, wheel chairs  and  walker frames.


First Aid for  flap tears

Wash with   cold   water  only

Apply a  non adherent  dressing kept in place with a compressive  bandage and  elevate the injured  part – AVOID adhesive dressings and cotton wool.