Travel tips & Advice

Posted on December 16, 2016 by admin
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If you have a chronic disease / illness or carrying medication obtain a doctor’s letter or summary to assist any doctor you may need to consult on your travels or as an explanation for customs officials or police.

See your GP for travel and immunization advice at least 6 weeks prior to departure

Treat wounds , bites or scratches promptly with an agent like betadine or topical antibiotic ointment to reduce the risk of tropical ulcers.
Carry spare spectacles / contact lenses or hearing aids and batteries if used regularly

• Carry sunscreen , inset repellant ? anti-malarials
• Hat / beanie
• Hot climes -Loose light long sleeved / leg cover up OR
• Cold climes – Close fitting clothing in layers with ? thermal underwear and waterproof outerwear – loose neck fitting allows water vapour to escape with out chilling / sweating ( not polo neck )
• Beanie / hood
• Maintain fluid intake dehydration can occur in cold and hot climates
• Sunglasses