Asthma expectations

Posted on October 13, 2015 by admin
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Good control
• Daytime wheeze < 2 /day • Need reliever < 2 /week • No limit on activity • No night symptoms or wheeze on waking Poor control • Daytime symptoms > 3 /week
• Need reliever > 2 / :week
• Limitation of activity
• Night symptoms or on waking

Factors in involved in suboptimal asthma outcomes are :

• Inhaler technique – a review with your doctor is always worthwhile even if you are an experienced user
• Medication timing ( up to 50% of asthmatics do not take there preventer as prescribed
• Co morbidities like allergies , sinusitis , nasal polyps reflux and obesity are common aggravating conditions

Chronic asthmatics on preventer medication should have regular eye checks every 1-2 years to minimize the risk of early cataract formation and bone density test every 2 years to minimize the risk of osteoporosis in those on long term preventer medication.