Diabetes Monitoring – Home Blood Glucose Monitoring

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Home Blood Glucose Monitoring

Is the cornerstone to good diabetes management in the community because it enables accurate real time estimation of patient blood glucose levels in time for adjustments to be made by the patient through dietaary , exercise or medication changes in consultation with their doctor.

A Glucometer measures the amount of glucose in the blood by measuring the reaction between glucose obtained from a blood applied to a test strip generating a signal that is sent to the glucometer which has been calibrated to give a reading equivalent to the one resulting from a laboratory.

If two separate blood tests done at the same time on the same machine but with different blood samples and strips are within 30 % of each other the glucometer is probably functioning adequately.

If you doubt the result use quality control test fluid of known sugar content and do a test using this fluid ( the pharmacist can probably assist with this test )

Arrange a laboratory blood test through your doctor and perform a self test with your glucometer before and after the laboratory test and compare the results .