Fees , Flu immunisation , Urinary incontinence

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Fees and Costs

Medicare has announced a freezing of consultation rebates for the next 4 years. It is impractical to sustain and maintain the same standards and manner of practice without some fee increase. The practice has absorbed most of the cost increases for premises , wages , superannuation and insurance over the past 4 years but cannot continue to do this.

The practice resumed billing and payment on the day for all patients from July 1, 2015.

The usual range of fees will continue to apply with an alternative schedule D available for those patients who had previously been bulk billed ( pensioners and children under 16 yo)

Flu injections
– Are government funded and recommended for
over 65 yo’s
– Pregnant women
– Heart disease of over 6 months duration including coronary artery disease
– Chronic respiratory disease
– Diabetics
– Chronic neurological disease including epilepsy
– Imunocompromised / suppressed patients thos with malignancy or long terms steroid usage
– Chronic renal or haematolgical disease
– Aboringinal and Torres Strait Islanders


Urinary incontinence

Did you know that 8 kgm weight loss over a 6 month period in overweight or obese women reduces weekly incontinence episodes by nearly half.