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Posted on April 24, 2015 by admin
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Did you know that healthcare  budget  for  primary healthcare accounted for  37.1% of the  health budget in 2008 and only rose to 38.1% of the healthcare budget  by 2013 ( AIHWS) . During that  time the cost  of  wages, equipment, premises, insurance and  superannuation and  have  risen and  will continue to rise. The Federal government   announced   intention to freeze  Medicare rebates for  4 years cannot  be absorbed by practices and  practices  will have  to increase fees or  significantly change  the nature of practice to be able to continue.


Flu  injections  incorporating the  new  formulation for the Australian winter of 2015 are now available.

Flu injections are  recommended for   over  65 yo , pregnant  women , patients  with heart  disease , respiratory disease , diabetes  mellitus  , chronic renal , neurological or  haematological  disease , patients  with malignancy , long term steroid  use or  impaired  immunity .  Aboriginal and Torres Strait  Islanders are  recommended to have  flu  immunization .