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PERMANENTLY        28/2/2020.

Dr Cathy Robinson is consulting at The Medical Clinic Beaconsfield

Drs. Stephen Moody and Agnes Brosz are practicing at Berwick Healthcare

Dr Lesley Dean has retired

Dr Wes Jame  has been seeing his long standing regular patients  at Langmore Clinic and will retire in December 2020

Berwick Medical Centre does not support My Health Record but encourages you to have a current health summary to facilitate health care in emergencies or when attending another GP or health professional. It is also good practice to have your own reminder of routine reviews like Pap Smears , gastroscopy & colonoscopy.

The practice will facilitate transfer of your medical record to another nominated practice or GP on written, signed and dated individual request accompanied by $10 cheque or money order  for each patient record to cover the cost of  secure  handling and  postage  to

Berwick Medical Centre , PO Box 196 Berwick 3806

until 31/8/2020.

All other correspondence should be addressed to the current GP at their new practice address – correspondence prior to 28/2/20 may be forwarded until 31/8/20

Please watch for notification of change on our website

 The practice is accredited by AGPAL -an independent accrediting body for general practices and maintains the standards of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. The practice adheres to the codes of practice of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and the Australian Medical Association. The practice has a privacy policy compliant with privacy legislation.


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